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DigitalEdge vendors and manufacturers are offering free online teaching and learning resources to assist educational organizations with the current challenge of online learning. Online resources below updated as of 4/20/20.  Please scroll to the bottom of page to see all the options available.Updates to resources will be posted on a regular basis.



 Intelitek provides Coderz free access to 4 programs for elementary, middle school, and high school students.  They have partnered with Amazon Future Engineer  in sponsoring virutal robotics courses for students. CoderZ comes with standard aligned curriculum, a teacher’s guide, a pacing guide, presentations, speaking   notes, solutions and much more.CoderZ was developed, not only to teach students how to code robots with fun gamified content – but also to be an easy and feasible alternative to physical robots. Our objective is to bring robotics education and coding to all students.

     Access the information on this link:

SAM Labs Inc:

  • STEAM@Home lessons can be accessed through the google drive link:

  • Professional Webinars for free PD Training and cerification for educators will commence on Monday, April 13,2020.  Review the Professional Development link for additional information.  The first 30 educators to sign up or the PD courses will receive a free STEAM or Learn to Code Alpha Kit.
  • Upcoming Educators PD Training:   Register and review the information regarding the professional development webinars.

    Be sure to download Zoom and SAM Space App first. Registrations will be capped at 30 participants for each webinar.

    Please remember that in order to attend any of the Level 2 PD offerings, you must attend Level 1.1 and 1.2 first.

    Upon registration, you should receive an email confirmation containing your unique link to join the webinar from Zoom. If you do not receive this confirmation, please email us at

  • Daily Webinar Series for students and parents. Webinars cover STEAM and coding content led by certified teachers.
    Series begins the week of 3/30/20.

STEAM and Learn to Code courses are available for free. The following lessons are available through this google drive link.

Subjects include:

  • Grade 2 Lesson 1 – Compose a song
  • Grade 2 Lesson 4- Interactive Story
  • Grade 2 Lesson 8- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Grade 2 Lesson 10-Time’s Up Lesson
  • Grade 3 Lesson 6- Prime Factors
  • Grade 3 Lesson 9- Survival of the Fittest
  • Grade 4 Lesson 5-Morse Code
  • Grade 4 Lesson 8- Apostrophe
  • Grade 4 Lesson 10- Prime Numbers
  • Grade 4 Lesson 12- Energy Transfer
  • Grade 5 Lesson 10- Passcode

Sam Labs is also offering STEAM lessons that families can access for free through the SAM Space app. The lessons work though the virtual blocks in the app and do not require hardware blocks. The app and content are free, just download the app from the app store to use!

Professional Development for Teachers

SAM Labs Professional Development cultivates educators’ knowledge, skills and mindsets preparing them to lead STEAM and Coding initiatives in their classrooms, clubs and makerspaces. Virtual sessions are currently free for the following courses:

Level 1 Courses:

  1. “Getting Started with SAM Labs:” What do I need to know and be able to do to start teaching with SAM Labs? As a result of this session, attendees will be able to:
  • Articulate the four pillars of the SAM Labs solution, our mission and vision and the main benefits.
  • Access our digital curriculum and select appropriate lessons. 
  • Lead hands-on activities with students, linked to the curriculum.
  • Reflect on ways to implement SAM Labs in their classroom.
  1. “Purpose & Pedagogy:” What big ideas and pedagogical concepts enable learning? As a result of this session, attendees will be able to:
  • Articulate, in their own words, the importance of preparing students for future pursuits in STEAM/Coding.
  • Define computational thinking as a set of concepts and skills.
  • Recognize and reiterate pedagogy that develops computational thinking and key subject knowledge.
  • Articulate, for their own context, the pedagogical benefits of SAM Labs curriculum design.

Level 2 Courses:

      1.1 “Hands-on, Minds-on Teaching with SAM Labs:” How do I cultivate learning and mastery within and across lessons?As a result of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify how key subject knowledge is developed and deepened through the use of SAM Labs 
  • Identify key functions of SAM Labs hardware and software blocks
  • Instruct upon common constructions, linked to the curriculum. 

      2.1 “Implementing SAM Labs in Context:” How can all of my students thrive?

  • Reflect on and plan for students learning needs
  • Reflect on and plan for potential pitfalls to implementation
  • Reflect on and plan for an appropriate sequence of learning  
  • Best Classroom Management practices

To learn more about our virtual courses and becoming SAM Labs Certified Educators, or if you have questions, please feel free to contact our Education Consultants, Emily and Mackenzie at: or

Mathspace Inc:

Mathspace is offering FREE access to the full Mathspace platform to all schools and districts who are closed or are facing closures due to the outbreak. This includes access to the following:

  • Complete Digital Textbook
  • Adaptive and Custom Tasks as well as the new Diagnostic Tool
  • We are extending licenses to all teachers and students through the end of the school year. If your school has students or teachers who are not currently using Mathspace, but who you would like to get signed up, we would love to support you. Submit your school (or class) for free access through this link:
  • Webinars available each week to support teachers and answers questions. Once you have a Mathspace account, you will be able to schedule you own webinar PD with the Mathspace team.


Trinity3 Technology:

Free training videos are aimed at helping teachers quickly spin up online classes. These online videos are provided by Josh Ratliff, Professional Learning Specialist.



Boxlight Together - No cost training and support.  Our Professional Development team has been hard at work developing new resources and tools that are specifically focused on helping educators and parents transition to distance learning.
In the spirit of community, we have created Boxlight Together, the easiest way to access a curated set of courses, tools and events to support a digital learning transition. All of these resources are now and will always be free of charge.

 On Boxlight Together you will find:

  • Online courses on how to teach comprehensive, effective online lessons using G-Suite for Education and Office 365 for Education. Learn More
  • Live Webinars for getting started with G-Suite for Education and Office 365 for Education. Learn More
  • Access to a team of Digital Learning Specialists who are available to answer your distance learning questions and strategies. Learn More



Remote learning resources available from TROX. Options available on:

SMART Technology:

Free access to SMART LearningSuite Online is available to all schools affected by the coronavirus outbreak. SMART Learning Suite Online enables students to connect remotely to live lessons delivered by teachers and engage in real-time with lesson activities.



MyViewBoard is available for free to K-12 Schools, Colleges, and Universities to help with this extended timeframe for distance learning needs. MyViewBoard enables teachers to conduct distance learning and teaching through an open and agnostic platform. It is designed to be easy to use and allows real-time collaboration through video and audio conferencing, and digital whiteboarding.



FrontRows’ lesson capture software is an easy-to-use solution that enables educators to capture their lessons for students to access online. The software records audio and video presented on the computer and converts it into an mp4 file, which can be shared to your desired online destination so students can access the lesson from home.

A download of the 45-day trial of the Teacher Edition software is available at FrontRow’s website. If you wish to continue using the software after the 45-day trial, email to request a license code. FrontRow will be provided at no charge or product commitment.


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