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490 Deguigne Drive #200
Sunnyvale, CA, 94085

Voice: 408-498-4050
Fax: 498-716-2460

Ordering Instructions for zSpace ESD112-DE-18A

Vendor Website for Contract ESD112-DE-18A

Order Detail: To assist eligible purchasers in complying with their purchasing laws, all purchase orders must reference the DigitalEdge Contract Number.
Please refer to the product page for the correct contract number.

How to order products from zSpace

How to order products from zSpace 

  1. Purchasers will request a quote for products from the regional representative or key contact. * See below.

  2. Awarded vendors will provide a quote to purchaser.

  3. Locate the contract number on the DigitalEdge website for the product you wish to purchase. This contract number must appear in the statement below on the submitted order to the awarded vendor. Purchaser shall submit a purchase order or procurement card number to the awarded vendor. All purchase documents must contain this language:

         Contract number for audit verification:
         DigitalEdge #ESD112-DE-18A

     4. The awarded vendor shall fill the order and ship the products directly to the purchaser at the “ship to” address.

zSpace Shipping and Delivery: 

zSpace, Inc. 

ATTN: Order Fulfillment
490 Deguigne Dr. #200
Sunnyvale, CA 94085 

zSpace Return and Replacement Policy: 

Any and all changes to Customer ‘s purchase orders must be provided in writing (including e-mail). Any change order increasing the purchase will be accepted by zSpace if it can satisfy the additional requirement from available capacity and the dollar value is within the authorized credit limit. If Customer cancels all or any portion of an order prior to shipment, a cancellation charge of ten percent (10%) of the net price will be assessed. If zSpace is unable to meet the delivery schedule, it shall provide notice as soon as it is reasonably aware of the situation. If zSpace fails to ship on scheduled ship date, Customer may cancel at no charge.

In the event a product completely fails to function or exhibits a defect in materials or workmanship within the first forty-eight (48) hours of installation but no later than thirty (30) days after the date of purchase, and this is verified by zSpace, it will be considered dead- or defective-on-arrival (DOA) and a replacement shall be provided prior to zSpace receiving the defective product (“Advance Exchange”), but only if Customer provides a purchase order number, credit card number, or other method of payment acceptable to zSpace, to be used if zSpace needs to charge Customer for the replacement, as explained below. The replacement product will normally be shipped the second business day after issuance of an RMA that is issued by 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time, and on the third business day following issuance of an RMA that is issued after 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time, but may be delayed due to availability and export or import procedures. The shipment of Advance Exchange products is subject to local legal requirements and may not be available in all locations. When an Advance Exchange is provided and Customer fails to return the original product to zSpace within fifteen (15) days after shipment of the replacement, zSpace will charge Customer for the replacement product, at list price.

For full detail on the zSpace terms and conditions, visit:

zSpace Tracking information: 

Upon shipment, the customer will be emailed with the carrier’s  tracking number

*Contact the zSpace representative for your state or region to request a quote or for more information on additional related products and accessories that may be available. 

David Elliott / Email: / 510.326.1969 Office / 408.716.2460 Fax / WA, CA, HI, OR - Pacific Northwest

David Cisneros / Email: / 909.202.9564 Office  / 408.716.2460 Fax / CA -  Southern California

Thessa Monaco / Email: / 623.693.8851 Office / 408.716.2460 Fax / ID, NV, NM, UT, WY - Southwest and Mountain West 

Pat Salstrand / Email: / 320.249.9160 Office  / 408.716.2460 Fax / MT - Upper Plains

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