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Ordering Instructions for SMART Technologies ESD112-DE-16A

Vendor Website for Contract ESD112-DE-16A

To assist eligible purchasers in complying with their purchasing laws, all purchase orders must reference the DigitalEdge Contract Number. Please refer to the product page for the correct contract number.

How to order products from SMART Technologies

How to order products from SMART Technologies Corporation:

 1) Purchasers will request a quote for products from the regional representative or key contact. * See below.
2) Awarded vendors will provide a quote to purchaser.
3) Locate the contract number on the DigitalEdge website for the product you wish to purchase. This contract number must appear in the statement below on the submitted order to the awarded vendor. Purchaser shall submit a purchase order or procurement card number to the awarded vendor.
All purchase documents must contain this language:
Contract number for audit verification:
DigitalEdge #ESD112-DE-16A
4) The awarded vendor shall fill the order and ship the products directly to the purchaser at the “ship to” address. 

SMART Technologies Corporation Shipping and Delivery: 
Please contact the authorized reseller* with whom the order was placed with for shipping and delivery * Refer to the Authorized Reseller list at the bottom of this page

SMART Technologies Corporation Return and Replacement Policy: 
Below are policies and process for managing: Damaged Products: SMART places a priority on high quality which results in an extremely low overall rate of equipment returns. However, despite this excellent track record and appropriate processes in place, we do understand that, from time to time, equipment is shipped out to customers in error, or is received dead-on-arrival (DOA). In all such rare cases, we ask customers to first contact the reseller technical team. SMART’s Technical Support Team: Phone:Toll free 1.866.518.6791 or 1.403.228.5940 Fax: 1.403.806.1256 Returns Including Re-Stocking Charges: If the client wants to return equipment directly to SMART, we will charge a 15% restocking fee. Shipping charges will be the responsibility of the client. Our resellers might have different policies. We advise that clients check the reseller return policy in the case they prefer to return any product to them directly. Product Substitution: A. Product substitution in the case the product delivered is different than the product requested If a product delivered is different than the product requested we ask that clients contact the reseller which the order was placed. Our resellers will do their best to resolve any issue in a timely manner. B. Product substitution when a product is discontinued and replaced by equivalent or better In the event that a SMART product is discontinued and replaced by an equivalent or better, SMART will notify resellers and contract holders of the change and provide updated price lists. Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA): We are dedicated to ensuring that all SMART products are working properly. In the event that you receive a damaged or defective product, we can assist you with a replacement. SMART has implemented a thorough Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process to ensure that customers have the best possible experience with SMART products. SMART stands behind its products. Should you have an issue, there is a standard process in place to ensure that customers have fully functional equipment: • Contact SMART’s support at 1-866-518-6791. You will be connected to a SMART representative who can help troubleshoot technical issues • Should the product be found to be defective, our agents will arrange for the product to be replaced. Please refer SMART limited warranty by product category for SMART’s current RMA policy. Working with the Product Returns team (RMA)
 FAQ: The Product Returns team is a dedicated group who ensure SMART products are working properly by assisting with the replacement of damaged or defective units. This section includes the answers to the questions most frequently asked of the Product Returns team.
What do I do if an installed product doesn’t work as expected? If an installed product doesn’t work as expected, contact the Reseller and Distributor Technical Support team. They will diagnose the issue, resolve the problem if possible and determine if a product return is required.
How do I report freight damage or missing products? If a product arrives damaged or the shipment doesn’t include an item from your order, contact the Product Returns team with the details. To assist the Product Returns team in processing your request quickly, ensure that you quote all related serial numbers and order numbers. To contact the Product Returns team via phone North America: 1-866-616-5998
How do I determine a product’s warranty? The method to determine a product’s warranty depends on the serial number. To determine the warranty for a product with a serial number 1. Go to the SMART Website ( 2. Select Support > Browse support to access the SMART’s Support site. 3. Select ‘Check your warranty’ from the Useful Links list. The Warranty Form appears. 4. Enter the product’s serial number. If you want to enter more than one serial number, separate the serial numbers with a comma or enter them on different lines. To determine the warranty for a product without a serial number For general information on a product’s warranty,
please refer to: SMART Projector Care Plus program When you purchase a SMART projector, on its own or as part of an interactive whiteboard system, you have the security of knowing it's protected under the SMART Projector Care Plus program. The SMART Projector Care Plus program ensures that if there's a problem with your projector, we'll repair or replace it – free of charge. The SMART Projector Care Plus program includes the following: • Return for repair service – When you ship your malfunctioning projector to a SMART service center, we'll repair it and ship it back to you within five days • 24-hour advance replacement – You can choose to have your malfunctioning projector replaced – it'll be shipped from our service center within 24 hours of your request • Projector specialist access – When you call us for technical support related to projectors, you'll be connected directly to a specially trained projector support specialist • Two-way shipping – We'll pay for two-way shipping when you return projectors for repair • Out-of-warranty options – We offer support and repair options for five years after we discontinue projector models, to help ensure the longevity of your technology investment

 SMART Technologies Corporation Tracking information: 
Please contact the authorized reseller with whom the order was placed with for tracking information. 

Contact the SMART Authorized Reseller representative for your state or region to request a quote or for more information on additional related products and accessories that may be available:

Idaho, Washington, Oregon - Higher Ed. Only One Diversified. / Brad Thomas / / 503-601-55955
 Idaho, Oregon The Chariot Group / Rick Thomas / / 907-222-5300 / Fax: 907-222-5301
New Mexico IT Connect / Mary Jo Edwards / / 505-428-2828 / Fax: 505-455-7925
Washington Avidex Industries LLC / Derrick Green / / 509-455-6873
Washington, Oregon ACT (Advanced Classroom Technologies) / Jimmy Williamson / / 425-870-9735

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