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FrontRow Main Administrator UI for Conductor

Main Administrator UI for Conductor

Contract Price: $4,611.40 *

Contract Number: ESD112-DE-16A

Last updated 2/8/2019

* The contract price is only valid if the contract number
is on the purchasing document.

Freight charges may apply. Check with the awarded vendors.

Product Details:

Product Number: FR-ADMIN

  • Main administrator UI for Conductor. Requires DRS-5000 Conductor server software.
  • Complete front office station for Conductor communication. Designed for easy touch access to key functions
  • The Conductor Adm Station works with the DRS-5000 server and FrontRow audio IP endpoints on the network to provide effortless communication
  • FrontRow office Admin Station for Condutor includes: All-in-One Touch PC with Conductor™ client software, UPS Battery Backup, CB-65 all-call PA mic
  • CM3000 master controller, Wireless keyboard and mouse, Printed Conductor User Guide
  • FrontRow mousepad, 3.5mm audio cable, UTP Cat5e cable

States Available:

Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming,
Other States

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