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Anywhere Compact 16 Bay Cabinet

Compact 16 Bay Cabinet

Contract Price: $329.00 *

Contract Number: ESD112-DE-15A

Last updated 1/31/2019

* The contract price is only valid if the contract number
is on the purchasing document.

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Product Details:

Product Number: AC-Comp-16

  • The AC-COMP-16 is a secure charging cabinet designed to charge and secure up to 16 Devices with screen sizes up to 14”.
  • Features include: User Replaceable Power Cord, Dual Integrated Cable Management, Removable Device Dividers
  • Height Security Crossbar, Wall Mounting Holes, Power Adapter Storage, Small Footprint, Full Metal Construction
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty, Folding Design for Lowest shipping cost possible
  • Specifications: Wt: 35lbs, Ht 14.5", Width: 24", Depth: 16.5"
  • Cabinet Capacity: 16 devices at 1.18"

Additional Information:

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States Available:

Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming,

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