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Avigilon Access Control Manager Virtual - 16R

Access Control Manager Virtual - 16R

Contract Price: $2,000.00 * *16 Readers

Contract Number: ESD112-DE-15B

Last updated 1/4/2019

* The contract price is only valid if the contract number
is on the purchasing document.

Freight charges may apply. Check with the awarded vendors.

Product Details:

Product Number: AC-APP-16R-VM

  • Product number AC-APP-16R-VM is for up to 16 readers
  • Access Control Manager Virtual is a physical access control system (PACS) that comes VMware ready, for deployments in a virtual server environment
  • Manage security within your own private cloud infrastructure, while leveraging IT investments in hardware virtualization
  • The system can also help to extend security budgets by eliminating the cost of stand-alone servers and software
  • * Product is also available in additonal SKU's for up to 2048 readers
  • *Ednetics catalog is available in the School Safety Solutions catalog section of this website

States Available:

Idaho, Oregon, Washington,

For additional products, see the ESD112-DE-15B Master Product Catalog