Mathspace Inc. Digital Math Platform - User Licenses (min. 10,001 - max. 20,000)

Digital Math Platform - User Licenses (min. 10,001 - max. 20,000)

Contract Price: $16.00 * User License up to 20000 max.

Contract Number: ESD112-DE-18A

Last updated 2/10/2018

* The contract price is only valid if the contract number
is on the purchasing document.

Freight charges may apply. Check with the awarded vendors.

Product Details:

Product Number: NAI160805

  • Mathspace is the most advanced adaptive math program
  • Mathspace is the world’s first math program allowing students to show all of their work, for every step of every math question
  • The Math platform has many features including: Full digital textbook, including lessons, interactive Geogebra manipulatives,
  • Project-based learning modules, actively engaging students in activities and discussions linking mathematical concepts to real world STEM / STEAM applications
  • Access to over 40,000 fully interactive questions, powered by the world's smartest adaptive math engine
  • Individual teacher accounts with intuitive data reports
  • Access on all devices, including iPads/ Android/ Windows tablets, etc.
  • *User license - Minimum 10,001 to Maximum 20,000 users

States Available:

Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming,
Other States

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