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ITB #ESD112-DE-19A

Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-19A (Archived)

The bid is now closed.  

This page is an archive of the web page that was made available to all interested bidders.  It includes the original public notice and all related documents.  It also includes a section where purchasers can download PDF's of the affidavits provided by the publishing journals and newspapers where the public notice appeared.  Please scroll down to find the documents you are seeking.  If you don't find what you need, please contact the DigitalEdge office at 360.952.3415.

All Bids are now closed - effective 3/13/19 at 3:30 pm (PST)

Bids are due no later than 3:30 PM (PST) on Wednesday, March 13, 2019.  
All vendors submitting bids are advised to notify when the bid documents have been sent.

Public Notice Inviting Bids

Notice to Manufacturers, and Autorized Resellers of Chromebooks, Chrome OS Devices, and Related Solutions

Notice is hereby given that Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112), Vancouver, WA shall receive formal sealed bids on Chromebooks, Chrome OS Devices and Related Solutions.

Bids shall be submitted the Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge, Purchasing Department,  at Educational Service District 112, 2500 NE 65th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98661 by 3:30 p.m. (Pacific Time) on or before March 13, 2019.  Bids shall be opened and publicly read on March 14, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) at ESD 112 in the Aspen Room.  All interested persons may attend.

This ITB is provided on behalf of the following states: AK, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY.

The ITB and bid forms will be located on the Internet at on February 1, 2019 and published in newspapers of general circulation pursuant to applicable laws.

*Important to be eligible for an award all bidders must attend the Mandatory Bidders' Virtual Conference on February 15,2019.  Registration link and additonal information is provided below.

Documents and Materials for this Bid

Interested bidders will need the following documents for their bid submittal: 

Please note:
Interested Bidders should contact Bunny Stevens, Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge and confirm if they are planning on submitting a response to this Invitation to Bid. Please email Bunny Stevens at or call her at 360.952.3415.


Please check here for any posted addenda to be submitted with your bid.

*Note the updated documents and materials containing Addenda language and revisions are provided in the section above title: Documents and Materials for this Bid.

Per the Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DED-19A (part 1 of 2) the last day to post addenda's is February 15, 2019

Vendors are to notify when their bid submittals have been sent.

Mandatory Bidders' Virtual Conference

                 February 7, 2019,  10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)

Attendance at the Bidders' Conference is mandatory.  Bidders must attend in order to be eligible to receive an award for a Contract.

Register here for the Mandatory Bidders' Virtual Conference.

All attendees must register to receive confirmation and contact information for the conference. 

The webinar covered the contents in the #ESD112-DE-19A Invitation to Bid, Contract, Bid Forms and important information regarding the ITB.

*Prior to attending the virtual conference, attendees need to download the ITB, Contract, Bid forms, and the Evaluation Rubric located in the document section of this webpage.  Please review the materials and be prepared with questions regarding their contents. These documents will not be provided during the meeting. 

Agenda - Mandatory Bidders' Virtual Conference 19A 

Mandatory Bidders' Virtual Conference Recording (2/7/19 broadcast)
Please note: Audio begins at 40:07

Questions and Answers 

Please be sure to submit all questions by February 14, 2019

Questions posed by Bidders and the response to those questions will appear here.

Q: Do you know what grade levels Chromebooks and cases are being purchased for?  Are there any particular cases that will be spec’d on the bid or is it open-ended like the Chromebooks?

A . The ITB does not specify the size of Chromebooks being requested.  Therefore it is expected that a range of sizes will be submitted in response to the ITB #ESD112-DE-19A.

Q: Is it recommended that current awarded vendors on the current DigitalEdge Contract #ESD112-DE-15A for Chomebook should respond to this bid?

A:  Yes, as outlined in the ITB, it is advised that current awarded vendors should respond to the # ESD112-DE19A ITB.  The intent of #19A is not to replace  
     15A, but to expand the offerings of product lines and manufacturers available through the DigitalEdge contract.  Products awarded on 15A will not be
     replaced, but by responding to 19A, vendors would allow themselves the opportunity to possibly be awarded an additional contract to expand their
     offering to purchasers.

Q: Would you also accept a bid including LTE data on the Chromebooks or are these Wi-Fi only?

A:  Bids including LTE data on Chromebooks and Chrome devices are acceptable.

Q: As a manufacturer, if we have a reseller partner add us to the bid, do we need to go in and indicate a non-bid or does having them add us constitute our involvement?

A: As a manufacturer you have the option to either get on a contract by directly bidding, or being included in the bid by a reseller/distributor. The reseller will just ask you for a letter to indicate that you authorize them to submit a bid and sell your products and in which states. You may have more than one reseller include you in their bid submittal if you prefer.  There is no need to inform DigitalEdge that you will not be submitting a bid as a manufacturer.

Q: Regarding Section 2 on the orange tab Chrome Devices by a single manufacturer. What exactly is needed for this section?

A: Section 2 requires a percent to be indicated at the time of the bid.  The percentage is to be below the lowest percentage you want to have in Section 1
(which is the more aggressive section).  As an example, if Section 1 have discount percentages ranging from -18% to -12%, and you do not intend to have any percentages less than -12%, then Section 2 will be -11.99%.  Products that are to be discounted below -12% are to be placed within section 2, which is the section for products with the least aggressive pricing for all other products below the -12% amount of discount. Please note, the Invitation to Bid, Page 14, section 3.3.2 outlines the specifications of section 1 and section 2.

Q: If I am a manufacturer and I did not attend the virtual meeting can I still get products submitted?

A:  The Mandatory Bidders’ meeting is to be attended by the company submitting bids.  That being said, if you are a manufacturer, and you are submitting your product line through a reseller that has attended the mandatory conference, this is allowed.  The only requirement is that the company submitting the bid, need to attend the mandatory virtual meeting.

Questions from the Mandatory Bidders' Virtual Meeting:

Q:  May we have a copy of who attended the DigitalEdge Mandatory Bidders Conference?

A: Yes.  A copy of the companies that attended the broadcast will be provided in an email to all vendors that attended the broadcast, prior to 2/15/19.

Q: How do we utilize Form A of the bid forms to maximize our flexibility with the contract?

A: All vendors submitting a bid in response to the DigitalEdge ITB #ESD112-DE-19A, are advised to indicate “yes” in response to their question regarding adding “new” manufacturers during the life of the contract.

Q:  Explain how the contracts (#ESD112-DE-15A and #ESD112-DE-19A) will work together if a vendor/manufacturer is awarded on 15A.

*A: Please note during the Mandatory meeting there were several questions surrounding the 15A contract and the products that are currently awarded on 15A.  These questions early in the broadcast were answered as if there would not be any addenda’s.  However, on the broadcast recording, you will note at 2:26:06:4, the statement is made that Addendas will be developed that will address the concerns surrounding manufacturers and product lines that are awarded on the current Chromebook and Related solutions contract #ESD112-DE-15A.  PLEASE REVIEW ALL ADDENDAS POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE, UNDER THE ADDENDA SECTION, AS WELL AS THE DOCUMENTS AND MATERIALS FOR THIS BID SECTION.

Specific questions asked during the broadcast that were addressed with addenda's, are listed, with the reference to the applicable addenda.

Q:  If our company is currently awarded on the #ESD112-DE-15A contract, should we respond to the new ITB #ESD112-DE-19A?

A: Yes. Please refer to Addenda No. 03.

Q: What is the contract administration fee?

A: The administration fee is 1.5%

Q: Are there additional contract fees or charges for both the vendor and/or the customer?

A: The only contract fee is the administration fee of 1.5% of all purchases made through the DigitalEdge contract#ESD112-DE-19A.

Q: Is the Letter of Intent mailed?

A:  No, it is emailed. 

Q: I understand if a product/manufacturer is on #15A they can also be on #19A.  Can the product be on both?

A: Please refer to the following Addenda regarding current product lines and manufacturers that are awarded on #15A, that cannot be added to #19A.  These Addenda’s are as follows: Addenda No. 01, 03, and 05.

Q: What is the projected spend for this contract?

A: We cannot give an estimate of projected spend on the contract.  DigitalEdge is a successful purchasing program that has proven to be of value to the purchasers as well as the vendors.

Q: What does DigitalEdge hope to achieve by having the new contract #ESD112-DE-19A?

A: DigitalEdge’s goal is to enhance the selection of Chrome Devices available to our purchasers.  As outlined in Addenda No. 01.

Q: Can multiple vendors be awarded the same manufacturer’s product lines in response to this Invitation to Bid?

A: Yes, multiple vendors may be awarded the same lines based on the parameters outlined in the ITB. Please refer to the Bid Evaluation section, page 18, section 2.0.

Q: We are a manufacturer of Chromebook and iPad cases.  If we are planning to respond to catalog category, 1.3 does this mean that I have to complete category 1.8 for Third-Party Carts?

A: No, you don't have to respond to 1.8 Third-party carts. 

Q: How many school districts or organizations are already using the DigitalEdge contract?

A: DigitalEdge is in twelve states as outlined in the contract  One advantage of becoming a DigitalEdge awarded vendor is the marketing that is provided at no cost to the vendors.  Our Cutting Edge newsletter is sent to every purchasing agent for all school districts within the twelve states in addition to other educational organizations.

Q: Is free shipping a shipping requirement of this bid? 

A:  No. Free shipping is not a requirement. Please refer to Addenda No. 04 and the ITB, Instructions for Bidding Section, page 14, paragraph 3.4 for additional information. 

Q:  If we are awarded a contract for #ESD112-DE-19A, and we are currently on the DigitalEdge contracts ending in #15A and #16A, are we required to submit reports for all the contracts?

A:  Yes, all contracts are treated individually, if you are awarded on three contracts than the sales report and contract product updates must be done for each contract.

Q: As a reseller submitting a bid, do we need to duplicate and complete Form A for every manufacturer we are including in our bid? 

A: No, Form A is to provide the information regarding the bidder at the top of the form.  The states section on Form A is to indicate the maximum of states that you can sell in.  Appendix E is used to indicate the states that you are authorized to sell a manufacturers product line in.  

Q: Does the Wireless LAN section of the bid forms also include security software?

A: Yes. 

Q:  Can White Glove Services provided on #15A be duplicated on #19A?

A: The White Glove Services provided for #19A should be submitted on the applicable bid form. The White glove services are contract specific as they support the products awarded on the contract. Therefore products submitted on the White Glove Services bid tabs may be duplicated on the #15A contract. 

Q: Can you include Appendix E in an Excel format?

A: It is provided in a word format for this bid, in future bids it may be provided as an excel format, but it will remain as a word format for this bid.

Q: In the Bidders checklist part four, we are to submit Appendix E.  Do you also want our MSRP pricelist? 

A: Yes, these are two separate requirements.  The MSRP must be submitted to support the baseline pricing that is indicated on the bid forms.   

Q: Will the bidders be able to see what is on  contract #ESD112-DE-15A prior to submitting a bid in order to know what they cannot bid on?

A: Yes. This information is provided on Appendix G. Please refer to Addenda No. 05, and Page 35 of the Invitation to Bid (containing addenda language). The Master product pricelist for 15A is also available on the DigitalEdge website, landing page.

Q: If the bidder is a manufacturer that will not be using resellers, is it necessary to submit Form C? 

A:  If you are a manufacturer and not using resellers, the information that needs to be completed on Form C is to indicate the sales person and region (if applicable) along with contact information.  This is listed on the website for the purchasers to have as a resource to assist with their purchases.

Q: If we are not responding to a Bid Worksheet included in the bid form, do we still need to submit it?

A:  As stated in the Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-19A, all bid forms need to be printed out and included in the bid submittal even if they are blank.  A complete set of bid forms are to be submitted.


Please submit all questions no later than February 14, 2019, 4:30 pm (PST). 

All Q/A and Addenda will be posted no later than February 15, 2019, 4:30 PM.  



All affidavits will be posted on the website when available

For additonal information:

Contact: Bunny Stevens, Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge, Purchasing Department at