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ITB/Contract #ESD112-DE-16A (Archived)

Download the DigitalEdge Contract #ESD112-DE-16A containing addenda and amendment language as of May 2017.

The bid is now closed.

This page is an archive of the web page that was made available to all interested bidders. It includes the original public notice and all related documents. It also includes a section where purchasers can download PDF's of the affidavits provided by the publishing journals and newspapers where the public notice appeared. Please scroll down to find the documents you are seeking. If you don't find what you need, please contact the DigitalEdge office at 360.952.3415


                All Bids are now closed - effective 10/27/15 at 4:30 pm       

 Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-16A

           Public Notice Inviting Bids

Notice to Manufacturers, and Authorized Resellers of Educational Technology, Wireless Devices and Audio-Visual Equipment

Notice is hereby given that Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112), Vancouver, WA shall receive formal sealed bids on Educational Technology, Wireless Devices and Audio-Visual Equipment. 

Bids shall be submitted the Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge at Educational Service District 112, 2500 NE 65th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98661 by 4:30 p.m. (Pacific Time) on or before October 27, 2015.  Bids shall be opened and publicly read on October 28, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) at ESD 112 in the Cowlitz Room.  All interested persons may attend.

This ITB is provided on behalf of the following states: WA, OR, CO, ID, MT, AK, HI, NM, CA, NV, UT, WY.

The ITB and bid forms will be located on the Internet at on September 11,2015, and published in newspapers of general circulation pursuant to applicable laws.

Documents and Materials for this Bid

Interested bidders will need the following documents for their bid submittal: 

Please note:
Interested Bidders should contact Bunny Stevens, Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge and confirm if they are planning on submitting a response to this Invitation to Bid. Please email her at or call her at 360.952.3415.


Please check here for any posted addenda to be submitted with your bid.



Per the Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-16A (Part 1 of 2), October 8,2015 is the last day to post addenda's

Mandatory Virtual Bidders' Conference


Mandatory Virtual Bidders' Conference was held on Friday October 2, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific Time)

Attendance at the Bidders' Conference is mandatory in order to be eligible to receive an award for a Contract.

The webinar covered the contents in the #ESD112-DE-16A Invitation to Bid and Contract.

Video Recording of the Conference

 All questions and answers from the Virtual Bidders' Conference will be posted on the website by Thursday October 8,2015.  Please be sure to submit all questions by October 6, 2015. 

Prior to the Webinar it is recommended that participants download and review the Invitation to Bid, Contract, Bid forms and Evaluation Rubric

located on this web page.


Questions and Answers 

Questions posed by Bidders and the response to those questions will appear here.

Last day for questions to be submitted was October 6, 2015.

The final question and answers have been posted on this web page, including the Q/A from the Mandatory Virtual Bidders' Conference that was held on 
October 2,2015.

Q:  If we have products/manufacturers on the DigitalEdge contract #ESD112-DE-15A that would also be applicable for this contract can we also include them on this proposal?

A:   No, you are advised not to submit the same products that are awarded on the 15A contract.  Several key factors are important to note when making this decision, such as:

  1. It is difficult to maintain the same product on two different contracts and leads to confusion from the purchasers.
  2. The flexibility allowed with the 15A contract, depending on the response to the questions asked on Form A, allows for products to be added to this contract. This is recommended for products that can be added to 15A.
  3. The operating system requested for 16A is Windows, Android and IOS, not the Chrome OS that is on the 15A contract.
  4. The administration fee is different (higher) for 16A than it is on 15A.

Q: Should we submit a bid if we are currently an awarded vendor on a contract that will end on December 31, 2015?

A: Yes, it is recommended that the current awarded vendors that are on the DigitalEdge contracts that will expire on December 31, 2015, should submit a bid.  Please refer to the Scope of Work section, paragraph 3.0 on page 9 of the Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-16A.

Q: What sort of products can be submitted for this bid?   Are there only certain products or all of what we sell to schools?

A: Please review the Scope of Work section in the Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-16A posted on the DigitalEdge web site.

Q: Are Letters of Authorization needed for this Invitation to Bid? 

A: Yes, please review Appendix A in the back of the ITB for the submittal of manufacturer letter of support that is required. 

Q: Can you clarify the language in the following paragraphs in the Instructions for Bidding section of the Invitation to Bid?

       1)  3.3.1.b Once the price adjustment method is established for a specific manufacturer, the price adjustment method for that manufacturer shall remain constant for all bid price forms. Bids that apply more than one price adjustment method for a single manufacturer shall be rejected.

But section 3.3.2.a says:

       2) 3.3.2.a Section 1 of each bid price form. Bidders shall apply their most competitive price adjustments to the products that they wish to promote aggressively on the Contract. Each product in this section may have its own unique percent of price adjustment. The final bid price of the product shall automatically be calculated.

A: Paragraph 3.3.1.b refers to the price adjustment method (discount or markup over cost) to be used for the specific manufacturer. Once established, this method must remain constant for that specific manufacturer. However, a bidder may choose a different price adjustment method for a different manufacturer.
    Paragraph 3.3.2.a refers to the percentage of price adjustment offered on a given product using the established method of price adjustment for that specific manufacturer.   

Q: A Wireless Device manufacturer also has AV solutions and a ‘Bidder’s Choice’ candidate. Should I include all products on one form, or spread them across three forms?

A: The products bid need to be submitted on the appropriate bid form.  The list of manufacturer forms (E-G) need to provide information from the specific bid form that lists the respective manufacturer, with the exception of Bidders Choice.

Q: I have a substantial list of Bidder’s Choice. Would it be helpful to you to evaluate if I created a Form H – List of Man – BC?

A:  No, the creation of a Form H for the Bidders Choice is not needed. 

     Please list the manufacturers in alphabetical order on the Bidders Choice bid form.  This will allow you as a bidder and the DigitalEdge office the ability to verify that the type of pricing method used is consistent by specific manufacturer.  

Q:  Do the current contracts cover any Educational software solutions?

A:  Yes, DigitalEdge has Educational Software on some of the current contracts.

Q:  Are you seeking Bids for Educational software solutions?

A:  Not specifically. However educational software solutions may be bid within the Bidders Choice section of the bid forms.

Q:  What period does this new tender cover?

A: The contract period for the ITB #ESD112-DE-16A is outlined in the Invitation to Bid, Scope of Work section, page 9, paragraph 5.0.

Q: Is the new tender to re-bid for the six contracts that are all in place ?  ie. Will the current bidders be re-tendering for the lots they are already on?

A:  The Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-16A will replace the #ESD112-DE-12 current contract that expires on December 31, 2015.  It will also replace the products with Android, Windows, Macintosh and iOS operating systems that are in the #ESD112-DE-13A, 14A, and 14B contracts that expire on December 31, 2015.

Q: On the Evaluation Rubric:  Bid Offer and Acceptance Form (Appendix D two copies completed, signed and notarized) - There is not a place to have it notarized

A: The Evaluation Rubric, Tab #1 indicates that all Appendices including Appendix D is to be notarized.  This is incorrect.  Appendix D, the offer and acceptance form, does not need to       be notarized. 

The #ESD112-DE-16A Invitation to Bid, Instructions for Submitting Bid Materials, page 15, Section 1.0, Tab #1:…  All Appendices, Signed and Notarized as Per Instructions,correctly states to sign and notarize each appendix as per its instructions.  The instructions on Appendix D does not indicate that the form is to be notarized, therefore there is no need to notarize. Update: The corrected Evaluation Rubric is posted on the DigitalEdge web site.

Q: Regarding a Q/A stated above on the website stating that educational software solutions may be bid within the bidders choice section of the bid form.  I am confused,would software that is specific to education be considered Education Technology?

A: The Q/A posted earlier addresses educational software solutions that would be submitted on the bid, but do not support another product that is also submitted on the bid. It was stated     that they should be submitted in the bidders choice category, but the solutions may be submitted within the bid forms related to the product that the software would work with.  As an example if the software would support an audio-visual product, it may be listed on the audio-visual equipment bid form. 

Q: Will we be able to configure bundles that pull from more than one DE contract?

A: Yes, as an awarded vendor you may bundle together awarded products at the time of purchase.  The purchaser needs to note the DigitalEdge contract number on the purchasing document.

Q: We have a question that was just raised by our legal department regarding Business License requirement (Appendix A).  Are we required to provide the Business License for each of the 12 states the ITB is provided on behalf of?  Or will a generic “certificate of good standing” sufficient?

A:  The Company’s business license is required. The business license requirement does not state for all the states that you are submitting a bid on behalf of. Appendix A or the Invitation to Bid does not require a business license for all the states included in your offer.

Q:  One question we were curious about is the amount of school districts within the 12 states there are for this contract and also the amount of total schools from all 12  states that have access to purchasing

A: We don’t have this information.

Questions and answers from the Virtual Bidders' Conference 

Q: If we want to offer accessories to a product, should we put it on Bidder's Choice or under the product in its tab (i.e. Wireless Solutions or Ed Technology)?

A:  If you want to offer an accessory for a product that is manufactured by the same manufacturer as the product it supports, it should go on the same bid form page as the product it supports.  If it is not from the same manufacturer of the product it supports, then it would go on the bidder’s choice bid forms.

Q: Is this contract appropriate for web-based subscription reading programs? Such as reading programs as in reading skills development.

A  We are not specifically looking for that right now.  However, if you feel that it fits in the category, and you want to submit an offer on this, then we will receive that offer and evaluate it. The product may be submitted on the educational technology or bidder’s choice bid forms. 

Q: Does the scope of the contract allow for refurbished or recertified products?

A: No, they must be products that are free from liens and have not been opened before. Please see the Terms and Conditions of the Contract, paragraph 8.

Q: Is this an all or nothing bid?

A:  Yes. Because it is a catalog bid, we will not take portions of a catalog and award it.  Your bid forms all together in their totality are considered a bid.  A bid will either be accepted or rejected in its totality.

Q: Is the shipping and handling addition strictly limited to 77 inch plus panels?

A:  Please note the 77” or larger is in regards to the whiteboards.  Please review the details outlined in the section on page 12 and 13 of the Invitation to Bid.  Flat panel displays do not have any size notations.  Also, it is important to review the ITB as each one is unique.

Q: There was mention in the documentation about adding S&H costs to pricing sheet. Where does this come into play or did I misunderstand that?

A:  This language is in the ITB in the Section 3.4, page 12.   This section talks about what the bid pricing includes.  The awarded bidders in the past have shared with us in the past that some products shipping costs are prohibitive if they are to be included in the bid price.  This is why we list the exceptions on page 13.  Please review this section and think about what it means to you as a company when submitting the bid. Interactive whiteboards, Flat panel displays, projection screens, carts are all addressed here

Q The 77.5" or larger is for IWB. We are also concerned about panels. They are even heavier than IWB.

A:  We are also concerned about that, and there is not size limitation.  Please refer to page 13 of the ITB for information regarding the panels

Q: Page 8, section 1.1 - does "educational technology" include desktop computers, thin client PCs, etc.

A: Really good question. We did not include or restrict you from that kind of product.  I would like to say that yes it includes it. We are reserving the right to discuss this further and post the answer on the website.

Update: No, the DigitalEdge is not seeking offers on desktop computers, thin clients, etc. in this Invitation to Bid. But we are seeking wireless mobile devices including laptops.  Please see the Scope of Work section in the Invitation to Bid.

Q: What if we need more lines on the Bidder's Choice Bid Form?

A The Appendix E addresses how to duplicate the bid form, as many times as you need so you can add as many products as you would like to submit.

Q: Form G (of the bid forms) says that it's Form E at the top of the sheet. Since the form is locked in that area, will it be corrected?

A:  Good catch!  Thank you.  The forms E-G name the correct category and the tab at the bottom is correct.  Please disregard Form E that is noted at the top.  We are going to leave it as it is and not redo the Bid form, as some vendors may have already started working on their bids and this correction does not warrant redoing the entire bid documents

Q: To clarify: On Ed. Tech form Section 2. There is a discount only but no items listed at this time.

A:  Section 1 is for the products that you are going to promote at an aggressive price adjustment, and section 2 is the price adjustment that is listed for the remaining products for the manufacturer.  As outlined in section 2, the cells will be expanded after the bid is awarded for the addition of products going forward.

Q: Our question relates to digital signage and if it’s part of the A/V contract?

A: Absolutely!

Q: What states can use this contract for purchases?

A: We are opening this contract on behalf of twelve states which are named in the DigitalEdge contract.
    However, federal piggybacking law allows purchasers in any state to piggyback onto this contract.  The purchaser would need to ask the awarded bidder if you would sell to them as at     the DigitalEdge pricing.  If their governing laws dictate that they need to have an interlocal agreement, this process is very easy and they can follow the steps outlined on the DigitalEdge website under purchasing.

Q: Isn't the 26th Thanksgiving? Is that a realistic award date or should we expect the next week?

A:  The award date for the Award letter to be sent is estimated.  It could be pushed out or even earlier.  It is on the current timeline calendar for the night before thanksgiving.

Q: Regarding the Q&A deadline of October 6th. Is the deadline for submission 11:59 PM PST, or other specific time deadline?

A: Yes it is 11:59 PST, the end of the day on October 6, 2015 Pacific Time.

Q: If we bid as a manufacturer with agents, what is our process of adding/subtracting resellers/agents throughout the contract period?

A:  Yes, it is allowed to add and subtract resellers during the contract period.  The process is covered in the post award meeting. 

Q: Are vendors, distributors, and resellers all eligible to bid?

A: Yes

Q: Is this contract appropriate for Asset Management Software, specifically designed for school districts?

A:  Yes, that would be appropriate.

Q: What will be the estimated contract value for 16A? Annual estimates?

A:  We don’t have that information. This is what is called a convenience contract to help the eligible purchasers meet their purchasing requirements and to help them put the threshold in place for them to identify for them to purchase.  We don’t know what the estimated contract value will be.

Q: Can you share estimates from past years?

A: The sales for the DigitalEdge contract #ESD112-DE-12 which this Invitation to Bid will replace, were 17 million from January 2012 through August 2015.

Q:  How do you determine if one bidder includes all products and another only bids a few? The scores would be different which one would be more favorable?

A: We will count the amount of products bid on a bid sheet by manufacturer listed in Section 1.  That is a factor in the evaluation of your bid offers.  So we want as many very competitive offers that you can provide us. 

Q: We are a manufacturer. We will use dealers and sell direct. Explain the mechanism for delineating.

A:  Yes, if you are a manufacturer you are planning on selling direct and use resellers, it is fine to do so.  However, the manufacturer is responsible for the reporting of sales, product changes etc.  As stated in the contract the reporting has to be from one source. 

Q: Are references required for existing DE manufacturers.  I hate to bother customers

A:  This question is interpreted as references required for vendors that are currently awarded on contracts.  We ask for two letters of recommendation to be submitted with the bid.We need all bidders to submit their references whether or not they have been awarded in the past.

Q: Is this a multi-award contract?

A: Yes it is. We will address how these contracts will be awarded later on in the broadcast.

Q: How often can you update the contract pricing?

A: The parameters are outlined in the Post-Award Requirements section of the Contract (part 2 of 2).  Contracts need to remain current for our purchasers and to be viable in the industry.  As soon as product or price changes occur these changes need to be submitted.  The submittal of the changes will be discussed in Mandatory awarded bidder’s conference scheduled on December 1st and 2nd.

Q: What do you mean by Description Pages?

A:  You need to provide the specification sheets that provide the product information regarding the products that you submit with the bid.  These specification sheets are used for evaluating the products at the time of the bid, as well as providing the specifications needed for the products to be added to the web site following the award.

Q In bid form 16A, Form A – Will marking only select states to offer service/products in (as opposed to all states) affect the overall score negatively?

A:  No.  Please read the evaluation section of the ITB.  The competition starts by identifying like lists of manufacturers by bidders to determine if the bidders have competitive bids.  Then we refer to our definition of a competitive bid and follow the process outlined in the evaluation section of the ITB. The states that the awarded bidder submits on Form A are the states      that are awarded, in the case of the competitive bid, and the bidder that would be awarded next will receive the award for the remaining states that are listed on their Form A of the bid forms. 

Q: Paragraph 3.10 on page 10 says Bids that require exceptions shall be rejected.  What are examples of exceptions?

A:  This refers to anything that is material to the evaluation of your bid, or the bid requirements as stated in the way that you bid, the scope of work, post award requirements. Anything that is material to the way that this contract is carried out and governed will serve as an example of an exception. Anything that is stated in the bid and the award of the bid and how it is governed.  The following is an example but the list of exceptions is not limited to just my example: If our requirements is that you supply us with a manufacturer’s pricelist, and you don’t and you state you won’t until after the award, your bid will be rejected.  Bids are rejected in their entirety.   If you have any questions please send them to the Bunny in an email. We want to be clear on this.

The final questions and answers have been posted as of October 8, 2015


For further information:

Contact Bunny Stevens, Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge at