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ITB/Contract #ESD112-DE-15B (Archived)

Effective November 9, 2015 the DigitalEdge Contract #ESD112-DE-15B is entitled School Safety Solutions

Download theDigitalEdge Contract #ESD112-DE-15Bcontaining addenda and amendment language as of May 2017.

The bid is now closed.

This page is an archive of the web page that was made available to all interested bidders. It includes the original public notice and all related documents. It also includes a section where purchasers can download PDF's of the affidavits provided by the publishing journals and newspapers where the public notice appeared. Please scroll down to find the documents you are seeking. If you don't find what you need, please contact the DigitalEdge office at 360.952.3415

Important information regarding the Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-15B

for Design, Installation and Integrated School Safety Solutions

Public Notice Inviting Bids

Invitation To Bid No. ESD112-DE-15B

Notice is hereby given that Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112), Vancouver, WA shall receive formal sealed bids on School Safety Solutions. Bids shall be submitted to the Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge at Educational Service District 112, 2500 NE 65th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98661 by 4:30 p.m. (Pacific Time) on or before June 30, 2015.

Bids shall be opened and publicly read on July 1, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) at ESD 112 in the Pacific Room. All interested persons may attend.

This ITB is provided on behalf of the following states: WA, OR, CO, ID, MT, AK, HI, NM, CA, NV, UT, WY.

The ITB and bid forms will be located on the Internet at on May 29, 2015, and published in newspapers of general circulation pursuant to applicable laws.

Documents and Materials for this Bid

Interested bidders will need the following documents for their bid submittal: 

Bidders need to check the Addenda section of this website for additional information prior to submitting their bids, as outlined in the Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-15B

Please note:
Interested Bidders should contact Bunny Stevens, Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge no later than Wednesday, June 24, 2015 and confirm if they are planning on submitting a response to this Invitation to Bid. Please email her at or call her at 360.952.3415..


Please check here for any posted addenda to be submitted with your bid

Mandatory Virtual Bidders' Conference

Invitation to Bid #ESD112-DE-15B

Mandatory Virtual Bidders' Conference is Tuesday June 9, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. (Pacific Time)

Attendance at the Bidders' Conference is mandatory in order to be eligible to receive an award for a Contract.

This meeting is beneficial to interested bidders and serves to review the contents in the #ESD112-DE-15B Invitation to Bid and Contract. The agenda will include a demonstration of the bid forms and provide participants the opportunity to get answers to questions they may have. All questions and answers will be posted in the Q/A section on this webpage following the webinar.

Questions and Answers 

Questions posed by Bidders and the response to those questions will appear here. No further questions will be posted after Friday June 12, 2015.

Questions posted from the Mandatory Virtual Bidders' Conference:

Q: Can you explain again what you mean by “Web page URL with requirement” on the Bid forms, Form D licensing. For example for an electrical license do you want a URL from the State that shows the requirement for the license.


Q: Is a certified Professional EE ok as a substitute requirement for an RCDD on staff?

A: Please refer to Addendum No. 02 posted on the DigitalEdge web site.

Q: Are you taking roll of any kind?

A: Yes.

Q: Will you be publishing a list of whom attended this conference?

A: No

Q: Must you simply be a certified channel partner of the manufacturers you are including in your offer?

A: Yes.

Q: What was last year’s volume of sales from this contract?

A: This is a brand new contract. We don’t have any history to share.

Q: If I want to respond to all states – and use sub contract integrators – do I list all their licenses,

 sales person, etc. on the section for that state?

A: The Bid Form D requires three kinds of information to be provided;

  1. Type of License or Certification.
  2. Entity or entities that hold the license or certification.
  3. Website URL where the State requirements can be found.

Please refer to Addendum No. 01 posted on the DigitalEdge web site.

Q: How strict will the “must be manufactured in the USA” requirement be for video surveillance 

 cameras? This will most likely limit your contract to a single manufacturer as most leading cameras 

 are made in Asia.

A: We are addressing this question in the Addendum No. 01 posted on the DigitalEdge web site.

Q: Will you accept proper “Buy America” documents for products that have these?

Part of the Buy American agreement that manufactures in North America have with the US?

A: Please refer to Addendum No. 03 posted on the DigitalEdge web site.

Additional Questions:

Q. The first page on the evaluation rubric says that the documents behind tab 3 needs to be included
and signed. Which document are you referring to?

A. Please refer to Addendum No. 04 posted on the DigitalEdge web site.

Q. On the form it asks if a 3 year warranty would be provided, but I cannot see if that is required or not. Can you please confirm is this warranty is required or what warranty is.

A. The specification/description section at the top of the individual bid forms lists all the required specifications, including warranties for each Product Category. Please refer to the DigitalEdge Invitation to Bid #ESD1112-DE-15B, Scope of Work section, page 10, Portfolio Categories for Desired Solutions paragraph.


For further information:

Contact Bunny Stevens, Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge at

P: 360.952.3415