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ITB/Contract #ESD112-DE-14A (Archived)

Please Note: 

The bid is now closed.

This page is an archive of the web page that was made available to all interested bidders. It includes the original public notice and all related documents. It also includes a section where purchasers can download PDF's of the affidavits provided by the publishing journals and newspapers where the public notice appeared. Please scroll down to find the documents you are seeking. If you don't find what you need, please contact the DigitalEdge office at 360.952.3415

This page is a placeholder for the materials that purchasers will need, once bids are awarded. Those materials will be available in mid-June, 2014.

Invitation to Bid No. ESD112-DE-14A

Public Notice Inviting Bids

Notice to manufacturers, and authorized resellers of wireless mobile devices and related solutions.

Notice is hereby given that Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112), Vancouver, WA shall receive formal sealed bids on wireless mobile devices and related solutions. Bids shall be submitted to the DigitalEdge Purchasing Specialist at Educational Service District 112, 2500 NE 65th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98661 by 4:30 p.m. on or before May 5, 2014 or before May 12, 2014.

Bids shall be opened and publicly read on May 6, 2014 May 13, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) at ESD 112 in the Klickitat Room. All interested persons may attend.

This ITB is provided on behalf of the following states: WA, OR, CO, ID, MT, AK, HI, NM, CA, NV, UT, WY.

The ITB and bid forms will be located on the Internet at on April 4, 2014, and published in newspapers of general circulation pursuant to applicable laws.

Documents and Materials for This Bid

Interested bidders will need the following documents for their bid submittal:

Bidders are also advised to download, print, sign and submit all addenda with their bids. Addenda can be found below.

Please Note:
Interested Bidders should contact the DigitalEdge Procurement Contract Specialist and let her know that they plan to submit one or more bids in response to this Invitation to Bid. She can be reached at or by phone at 360.952.3415.

Virtual Bidders Conference
This conference has already taken place and the webinar is closed

This webinar covered information about ITB #ESD112-DE-14A. By watching this video, Bidders will gain important information that will increase their chances for successful bidding. Also included is a demonstration on how to complete the bid forms for "Wireless Mobile Devices and Related Solutions," and "Third Party Solutions for Wireless Mobile Devices."


Please check here for any posted addenda to be submitted with your bid.


Questions posed by Bidders and the response to those questions will appear here.

Regarding questions asked during the Virtual Bidders' Conference:
Many questions were answered on the conference.

Please review the video recording of the Virtual Bidders' Conference provided on this page.

Q: I have an online application and don't have licenses in any of these states. My business is Sole Proprietorship. What to do?

A: A business needs to provide evidence that they are authorized to sell in the states that they are submitting a bid for as indicated on Form A of the bid documents. This verification is usually provided by a Business license and Tax certificate. A verifiable document must be provided as proof of authorization.

Q: Once an award is made to be listed on the Digital Edge bid list does an organization enter into separate contracts with each district that purchases or does the Digital Edge contract govern all sales? 

A: Once the Bidder is awarded, the DigitalEdge contract is the contract that enables purchasers to secure DigitalEdge pricing through the awarded bidder. The districts do not enter into separate contracts for these purchases. However, districts purchase their desired products directly from the Awarded Vendors (or their commissioned agents). If the purchaser determines that they need to sign an Interlocal agreement with ESD 112, they should call our office and request one.

Q: Instead of a CD are we allowed to submit the electronic copy on a USB drive?

A: Yes, you may submit the electronic files on a USB drive.

Q: I would like to know if the pricing we give on the contract is locked in or can it be adjusted? For example if a school district would like to purchase a large quantity that we’ve worked with them on, can we give them a better price then what’s on the contracted price? 

A: Please review page 25 of the ITB #ESD112-DE-14A. Paragraphs 5.1 and 5.2 address the questions regarding lower prices and volume purchases. The lower contract prices are still subject to the administrative fees.

Q: Would the DE consider an option for resellers to bid turnkey bundles of 1:1 product? For instance, can a reseller provide pricing with bundles (of varying quantities) inclusive of Chromebooks, Google mngmt licenses, charging carts, assorted services, etc.?

A: Yes. DigitalEdge has considered this request and finds it to be beneficial to Purchasers. At this time, Chromebooks that will be the only wireless device sought by the DigitalEdge for bundles. Please refer to Addendum 2 which includes pertinent language and provisions for the inclusion of total bundled solutions. Also note the inclusion of a new bid form entitled “Total Bundled Solutions for Chromebooks” on this ITB website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Question and Answer period is now closed.


For Further Information:
Contact Bunny Stevens, DigitalEdge Procurement Contract Specialist at


P: 360.952.3415