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Vendor Contract Resources - #ESD112-DE-19A

Download the DigitalEdge Contract #ESD112-DE-19A - Chromebooks, Chrome OS Devices, and Related Solutions 

Resources for Marketing Materials:

DigitalEdge Logos

Vendors are required to use the DigitalEdge logo on all of their materials that market products on the contract.  Do not copy and paste the logo into your marketing document; rather, use the Import, Place or Insert command in your publishing software. Contact Bunny Stevens for the DigitalEdge logo.

Marketing Approval Forms

All marketing materials produced by DigitalEdge vendors must be pre-approved by the DigitalEdge team before distributing. Download the Print and Electronic Marketing Materials form for print and electronic marketing approval prior to all marketing. Email marketing materials, along with the approval form to the Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge, Bunny Stevens, at  Please allow up to three business days to approve the marketing materials.

Power Deal, Special Promotion, and Email Blast Approval Form

DigitalEdge vendors that wish to offer Power Deals, Email Blasts, Cutting Edge submittals, and special promotions must complete the Marketing Checklist - Power deals, special promotions,email blasts form prior to advertising for pre-approval. Power Deals, Email blasts and The Cutting Edge will be developed and promoted by the DigitalEdge office based on the information provided. Email the approval form to the Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge, Bunny Stevens, at  Please allow up to five business days for marketing materials to be on the Power Deal Web Page. 

Documents to Submit Monthly:

List of Monthly Tasks

The DigitalEdge office has prepared Required Monthly Tasks of Vendors form to provide DigitalEdge vendors with a "roadmap" for documentation that is required on a monthly basis.

Product and/or Price Changes

When changes take place on the list of products or their prices, DigitalEdge vendors are required to submit the contract price verification sheet (formerly referred to as the bid form) with the product and price change revisions noted on the form. Please refer to the required Monthly Tasks of Vendors form listed above for specific directions. When there are changes to an awarded product or its pricing, the Awarded Bidder shall inform the DigitalEdge office immediately. All price changes must be accompanied by manufacturer's price sheet. If you have any questions please contact the Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge, Bunny Stevens, at 

Monthly Sales Reports

DigitalEdge Vendors are required to report their sales and admin fees to the Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge by the 15th of the month, for the previous month by using the DigitalEdge Monthly Sales Report. Do not report your sales until you have invoiced the Purchaser.

Other DigitalEdge Forms:

Reduction of Administrative Fees

DigitalEdge vendors that wish to request a reduction in their administrative fees may do so by submitting the Request for Request for Administration Fee Reduction and Scale form. The amount of reduction that may be requested is noted on the second page of the form. Email the approval form to the Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge, Bunny Stevens, at Please allow up to five business days for approval.

Post Award Documentation requirements

The Post Award documentation  requirements form contains the information needed for the ordering instructions and other post award documentation that is required.This form is provided following the award of DigitalEdge contracts.

Assigning Resellers/Distributors

When assigning new resellers during the contract period, please review and complete Form C (included in the contract price verification sheets) and forward to the Project Coordinator for DigitalEdge, Bunny Stevens.  The DigitalEdge website will be updated with the information provided.

DigitalEdge Informational Flyer:

Periodically customers may have questions that are difficult to answer regarding DigitalEdge. The DigitalEdge Purchasing Program informational flyer.pdfmay be provided to the potential customers to further explain the benefits of purchasing through the DigitalEdge contracts.

For Further Information:

Contact Bunny Stevens, Project Coordinator, DigitalEdge / Purchasing


P: 360.952.3415