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Online Resources Available from DigitalEdge Vendors

Free online teaching and learning resources available from DigitalEdge awarded vendors and manufacturers to help educational organizations address the online learning needs during the challenges caused by COVID-19.  Online resources are updated on this site regularly.

During this time while we all deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the DigitalEdge staff and awarded vendors hope you stay safe and out of harm's way.

Technology Purchasing Contracts for Educational Organizations

Educational Service District 112 provides contracts featuring competitively bid products. Now in its 13th year, the DigitalEdge purchasing program has saved purchasers an average of 17%. 

Purchasing contracts are available to K-12, public and private schools, colleges and universities, regional service agencies, and state departments of education in 12 western states.

DigitalEdge Purchasing Contracts Overview (PDF)

Full Product Catalogs:

Our category list and product search include the most popular products. A full product listing for each contract is also available as a single file:

Contract ESD112-DE-15A:
Chromebooks and Related Solutions (PDF)
Contract ESD112-DE-15B:
School Safety Solutions (PDF)
Contract ESD112-DE-16A:
Educational Technology, Wireless Devices, and Audio-Visual Equipment (PDF)
Contract ESD112-DE-18A:
STEM / STEAM: Solutions for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Design, and Mathematics (PDF)
Contract ESD112-DE-19A:
Chromebooks, Chrome OS Devices, and Related Solutions (PDF)

A complete catalog listing of individual DigitalEdge vendors is provided under the contact menu. Individual Awarded Vendor catalogs for the #15A, #15B, #16A,#18A, and #19A contracts are available under the catalogs menu tab above.

Contracts 15A,15B,16A, and 18A are extended through 12/31/20, at that time a decision will be made to extend or rebid. ESD112-DE-19A is in effect until 12/31/20, when a decision will be made to extend or rebid.

Do you know about the DigitalEdge Power Deals?

DigitalEdge Power Deals feature products offered at greater discount through special promotions!

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How to Purchase

DigitalEdge is available in 12 states:

  1. Verify your interlocal purchasing agreement with ESD 112:
  2. Find products in our catalog
  3. Click "Ordering Instructions" on the product page.
  4. Include the DigitalEdge contract number on your purchasing document.

Details FAQ

Hitachi Projectors becoming Maxell

Hitachi Projectors are changing names to Maxell. Only the name is changing. Maxell acquired Hitachi's projector group in 2013.

DigitalEdge will list these projectors during the transition as: "Maxell / Hitachi"

Maxell News Release (PDF)